Tamer: King of Dinosaurs - book.5 | eBook

Tamer: King of Dinosaurs - book.5 | eBook

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Official eBook version of Tamer: King of Dinosaurs - book.5 | by Michael-Scott Earle.

Control dinosaurs.
Tame women.
Rule the world.

Separated from his tribe and alone in Dinosaurland, Victor Shelby must make his way through endless miles of deadly prehistoric wilderness so that he can return to his beautiful alien women.

But on his way, he makes a discovery that will develop the technology of the tribe ten fold.

Now he just has to live long enough to bring it back.

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Disclaimer: This book has ravaging dinosaurs, a lot of cursing, extreme violence, and a harem of exotic alien women. The novel is not meant for people under the age of 18.